Driveway Installation Services

With each driveway we do we work to to focus on visibility, ease of use and consistency. We cover nearly all aspects of the driveway from Asphalt, concrete, gravel, millings and stone to installation, expansion, repairs, drainage improvements, and maintenance. With specialism in driveways with pavers and driveways with gravel, we have been able to complete a few remarkable driveway installation projects around the state over the years. We source our driveway asphalt from local companies and have capability to lay driveway gravel as well as driveway bricks.

Project Details

Our Process


The client was in need of a new driveway and reached out to Kevin Schadtle, the owner of Schadtles outdoor services, in order to enquire about the project. Kevin was happy to take her project on and set a time to sit and gather all of the clients needs. She had already known Kevin because he plows her snow, which was a perfect fit as Kevin prefers to work with prior clients.


Kevin had his work cut out for him because it was very hard to get out of the driveway due to the trees and the customers were still actively using the driveway when the job began.


Kevin redid the driveway, which contains a small and larger brook. He took the time to dig the driveway out, remove the culvert, and replace it with a new one. In addition to this Kevin hauled in new millings for the driveway, laid new stones for the path to the shed, and placed a new driveway apron in order to make it longer. The client stated Kevin made sure driveway was accessible and consistently tries to accomodate for others while opting against simply do things on his schedule


In the end The client was thoroughly satisfied with the outcomes and the professionalism of Schadtle's outdoor services. Kevin went above and beyond in helping her out by doing add-ons in taking trees down, putting in a drainage pipe, ripping out an old clogged drainage pipe and putting stones on the banks of the pipe so it would drain better. She felt what made the service so outstanding is the fact that he treats each job like its his own, takes pride in what he does, and has a lot of different skills

Types of Driveways we Design

Asphalt Driveway Installation

Concrete Driveway Installation

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