Fence Installation Services

Fences can provide a number of benefits to a yard, including perimeter protection to prevent pets from escaping with fences specifically designed for dogs, fence stands to conveniently hold summer equipment such as kayaks and other equipment or basic residential purposes such as decorating the border of your home with fences for your backyard. It is critical to approach fence construction from a cost-effective and functional standpoint to ensure that your budget suits the option you choose. When researching fence installation costs for yard fences, Schadtles Outdoor Services is a Connecticut-based fence installation firm that serves all of Hartford County's diverse needs.

Project Details

Our Process


Kevin likes to sit with each client to understand the client's wants and gather requirements for each task as a leader of a landscaping company that prides itself on going above and beyond.


Once the inaugaural meeting and walkthrough are completed and Kevin understands the task at hand, he prepares his team and equipment while also preparing the client for timetables and answering any further questions they may have.


When the time comes Kevin arrives at the job site and often works through the majority of it or in repeated sessions until it is finished.


The client is given the opportunity to look over the work, offer input, and have Kevin answer any questions they may have along the way.

Types of Fences we Install

Commercial Fence Installation

Residential Fence Installation

Steel Fence Installation